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ED, Luna, Publishes New Paper in Nature (International Journal) on Illegal Trade in Fauna & Flora

ICAIE, ED, David M. Luna, publishes new paper in Nature (International Journal) with Dr. Meredith Gore and other distinguished co-authors, "Voluntary consensus based geospatial data standards for the global illegal trade in wild fauna and fora".

Gore, M.L., Schwartz, L.R., Amponsah-Mensah, K. et al. Voluntary consensus based geospatial data standards for the global illegal trade in wild fauna and flora. Sci Data 9, 267 (2022). You can access the paper and share freely with colleagues that may find of interests with the web-links below or feel free to download the PDF attached below.

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Abstract: We have more data about wildlife trafficking than ever before, but it remains underutilized for decision-making. Central to effective wildlife trafficking interventions is collection, aggregation, and analysis of data across a range of source, transit, and destination geographies. Many data are geospatial, but these data cannot be effectively accessed or aggregated without appropriate geospatial data standards. Our goal was to create geospatial data standards to help advance efforts to combat wildlife trafficking. We achieved our goal using voluntary, participatory, and engagement-based workshops with diverse and

stakeholders, online portals, and electronic communication with more than 100 participants on three continents. The standards support data-to-decision efforts in the field, for example indictments of key figures within wildlife trafficking, and disruption of their networks. Geospatial data standards help enable broader utilization of wildlife trafficking data across disciplines and sectors, accelerate aggregation and analysis of data across space and time, advance evidence-based decision making, and reduce wildlife trafficking.

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